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When Going Skinny Means Going Big On Features

These two new gadgets from Samsung are bound to make you
look twice or thrice in our case

If you are looking out for a new phablet,
tablet or Smartphone, you got to see the beauties Samsung will be releasing in
the coming weeks. Samsung has just unveiled their Galaxy Tab S2 in 2 sizes
(8.0” and 9.7”) and the slimmest Galaxy Smartphone yet, the Galaxy A8 4G+.


Tab S2 (Tablet and phablet)

This is the latest installment to Samsung’s
Galaxy Tab S series with some serious upgrades to its display and more
importantly weight. 


Running on Android Lollipop 5.0.2, the Tab
S2 is equipped with Exynos 5433 Octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and comes in two
sizes (9.7” and 8.0”). Measuring just 5.6mm in thinness, the Galaxy Tab S2
weighs an impressive 382g and 265g for its 9.7” and 8.0” models respectively.
Why impressive? Because even though Apple’s iPad Air 2 boasts a 9.7” screen, it
weighs in at a heavy 437g and is 6.1mm thick (for its Wi-Fi only model). Which
makes the Tab S2 the lightest and thinnest as compared to the rest of the
tablets of its class.

The Tab S2 is further elevated with a SUPER
AMOLED display that has been optimised for reading, watching videos or for
viewing any type of content. All this while providing you with more precise
details and deeper colour contrasts. In addition, we are really glad that
Samsung hasn’t taken the option of an expandable memory slot of this gadget.
The Tab S2 has an in-built memory palace of 32GB with a MicroSD slot that is
capable of supporting up to another 128GB.

If you do like to stream shows or are a
closeted social media stalker, you would be glad to know that the Tab S2 is
equipped with 4G+ LTE Category 6 capability. This means twice as fast Internet
access for all your daily needs – Think speeds of up to 300Mbps. The Tab S2 has
a whopping 5870mAh/4000mAh battery, which is more than sufficient for a day’s
worth of regular usage, game time and watching videos on-the-go.

However, with all the glints and glamour
comes the down side. The Tab S2’s camera specifications are a bummer. Its rear-
facing camera is 8MP with a 1.9
aperture while its front-facing camera is 2.1MP. Question: Tablet and phablet
users don’t take pictures?


Unique Features

The Tab S2 is not your regular tablet or
phablet that just allows you to watch shows or play games on a larger screen.
The device comes preloaded with Microsoft Office Solutions, so you get to
create, edit and view documents on-the-go without having to turn on your
computer. Did we mention that, you get 100GB of cloud space via OneDrive free
for the first two years to backup all your important documents?

Samsung’s really serious when it comes to
letting you and I read PDF documents and e-books without straining our eyes. With
Reading Mode, it automatically tunes the screen’s brightness level to lessen
the strain on our eyes – No more squinting our fellow book worms!

Ever wanted to project what you are looking
at on your tablet on to the TV at home or during a presentation? With Quick
Connect, it is now possible. The Tab S2 is able to automatically recognise
Samsung Smart TVs once paired and able to share anything you want without the
hassle of third-party applications or wires.   


A8 4G+ (Smartphone)

You might be wondering ‘A8? Didn’t Samsung
just come up with S6 not too long ago?’ Well, they are not the same. Just think
of the A series as the more affordable range as compared to the S or Note
series but still pack with some great features.


This runs on the latest Android Lollipop
5.1.1 version, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core processor and
2GB of RAM. Talk about being slim, the A8 measures just 158×76.8×5.9mm and
weighs 151g. This makes the A8 is the slimmest full metal Galaxy Smartphone
Samsung has ever launched to date! Don’t let its slim figure fool you, it still
manages to pack a high battery capacity of 3050mAh.

At first glance the A8 4G+ can be easily
mistaken for the S6 or even Note 4. Mostly because of its really large 5.7”
Full HD SUPER AMOLED screen with a pixel intensity of 480ppi and narrow metal
bezel. It might sound like a really large device to carry around, especially
since it technically has the same screen size as a Note 4. However, when held it
still manages to fit snuggly without feeling too large.

Like the Tab S2, the A8 runs on 4G+ LTE
Category 6 which is capable of super-fast speeds of up to 300Mbps which makes
streaming shows on-the-go a breeze. Yes, the specifications (even to us) are
starting to sound like a hybrid of the Tab S2 and Galaxy S6 put together.

The awesome part about the A8 is its
camera. It has a 16MP rear-facing camera and 5MP front-facing camera, both with
an amazing 1.9
f aperture for better
images taken in dim light. Aside from the regular Beauty Face and Night modes
for the front-facing camera, there is also the Wide Selfie and even Animated
GIF modes! Perfect for group shots during a gathering or capturing your beloved
pet doing something completely GIF-worthy.


Unique Features

If 32GB of in-built memory is not
sufficient, the A8 boasts a dual-SIM feature that doubles up as a MicroSD slot gives
you the flexibility of having up to an additional 128GB of memory. In addition,
the A8 is preloaded with Samsung KNOX. This is a mobile security platform that
protects your entire device while separating your personal and corporate data.
Well, sometimes it is not just corporate documents that need protecting. Other
raunchy and intimate documents can also be well protected and stored safely
away from prying eyes and threats.


The Galaxy Tab S2 is available in Black,
from 7
th August 2015 onwards and retail prices start at SG$598 for
the 8.0” 32GB Wi-Fi only model. The Gold version will be available at a later

The Galaxy A8 4G+ will be available in two
colours (Gold and White), from 1
st August 2015 onwards and will
retail for SG$698.

If these beauties still haven’t managed to
capture your heart, how about the Galaxy S6? Read all about it



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / July 27, 2015 15:55PM GMT+8


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