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When High Technology Meets Medicine

Technology when used
in the health and medicine sector need not be mind boggling, check out these
three life-saving MedTech (Medical Technology) inventions that are taking over

over medical team, move in the doctor of the future. Technology has conquered
every aspect of our lifestyle, almost. From communications, social networking,
automotive and now the medical field is both challenged and enhanced by
technology innovated to both serve, support and even replace the every
perception of medical care providers as we know today.

Problems like financing hefty medical procedures,
time it takes to travel to the clinic which sometimes can take days due to the
lack of a proper public transportation and a general shortage of medical
professionals could now be a thing of the past.

These following three medical tech inventions want
to change all that, by making certain medical care procedures accessible and
affordable to those who really need it most.

Portable ECG Device

Cardiotrack is an India-based handheld Electrocardiogram
(ECG) device, which is a non-invasive device that measures your heart’s
electrical activity to determine if you have a healthy heart. The ECG machines
that you commonly see in hospitals or clinics are bulky and come with a hefty
price tag. Cardiotrack however, is small enough to fit in the palm of your
hands therefore portable, a fraction of the price and an all-in-one connected

For countries like India where there could be as
many as 60 million cardiovascular patients, there are but only 8,000
cardiologists. Not only is there a lack of health care professionals in India,
but for patients to visit a cardiac clinic where an ECG
machine is available, is another uphill task.

Typical ECG measurements require a full ECG
machine and at least one doctor to read the ECG results and give his prognosis.
With the Cardiotrack, it lessens the need for smaller clinics in suburbs to
purchase a full ECG machine, patients need not make the long trip to a specific
hospital in the city and helps cut down on medical bills. To top it all off,
the results from the ECG taken by Cardiotrack can be sent to any Cardiologist
in the world within a jiffy.

To date there has been more than 3,500 ECG scans
being performed by Cardiotrack in India. The team at Cardiotrack has been
working closely with Cardiologists and hospitals to fine tune its portable ECG
device, and in the process of getting it clinically certified for mass usage.


Track Your Brain Health

The more your brain is being put to a challenge,
the healthier it stays. That is what Singapore-based start-up Neeuro sets out
to accomplish, give your brain a workout and in the process keep it healthy without
you ever having to leave home!

The good people at Neeuro have come up with both a
device and a game of sorts to help keep that brain of yours healthy. Named
Brainwave Headgear and Memorie respectively, The Brainwave Headgear measures
your brainwaves by means of Electroencephalography (EEG) which is a
non-invasive neuroimaging technique, while you play Memorie.

Although Neeuro is currently still not up for
sale, it will be launching its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo really soon,
so keep your eyes peeled! Aside from this, Neeuro will be unveiling exciting
new developments within the next few days, so do stay tuned for an update on
that as well!

Vectors: The Gift Of Foresight

Think paperless monitoring and predictive analysis
of your current health status all in one place, which is what India-based Health Vectors is about. Researchers and medical professionals working closely with
Health Vectors have devised an algorithm that can predict your health status
based on a few simple information.

By going through a simple three step process of
acquiring, analysing and acting upon your information, the algorithm will be
able to generate an accurate detailed report regarding your current medical
status and that of your future.

This said algorithm predicts your future health
status, based on your personal medical information, lifestyle, exercise habits
and family health history, etc. So for those living the ‘one tub of ice cream a
day’, your future is definitely not looking too sweet right now.

It takes roughly 4.5 days for the team at Health
Vectors to come up with your detailed health report. During which it will
personalise recommendations, link you up with motivational consultants and have
follow-ups to ensure that your life is on track and in check for a better you.



By Geralyne Kaye /December 15, 2015 9:55AM
GMT+8 Singapore


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