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Why Drive When You Can Fly Your Car?

We are not kidding around, a car
is being built right now that can conquer both road and sky

that can fly and be driven on roads like those you see in Sci-Fi films are
coming to life with Terrafugia. They are an American company that has created
and are developing the flying car named TF-X. With the TF-X, Terrafugia
envisions to give commuters more choices and power when it comes to personal

vehicles like the TF-X at first thought, would be seen as a lavish and somewhat
flamboyant vehicle meant only for the rich and famous. However, there are some
serious first-world problems that it can help tackle.Ever been stuck in
the jam for hours on end, where you wish that you can just fly yourself out of
the jam? With the development of hybrid vehicles like the TF-X, bustling overcrowded
cities which face severe rush hour jams that lasts for hours on end like
Bangkok or Jakarta, can have another viable transportation option.


What Is It?

TF-X is a hybrid transformer car, which envisions to change the way we utilise
personal transportation in the future. When successfully built, it will be a
car that can be driven on roads and take to the skies. The TF-X can accommodate
up to four passengers comfortably, has a flight range of 500 miles with
operating speeds of up to 200m/h (321km/h) and with prices set to be that of
high-end luxury cars – making the TF-X seem like an actual achievable dream.

and taking the TF-X into the sky is not as complicated as you may imagine. You
don’t have to store the TF-X in an aircraft hangar like other aircrafts as its
wings are foldable, because of that it is able to fit in most standard single
car garages. Taking the TF-X into the air is also simple as there is no runway
needed. It is able to take off vertically just like a helicopter.

this is a two-in-one transportation vehicle, it requires some additional
lessons to learn how to operate it safely. For those who are like us and hate
the hassle of getting additional certifications, Terrafugia says that it ‘
will take substantially less time than would
be required for a traditional aircraft.
’ Hopefully that is true?

What Are The Safety Checks In Place?

from the obvious flying car status, the TF-X has a list of other features that
make it futuristic. Terrafugia claims that the TF-X will be safer than any
other regular cars. When in flight, it will be able to automatically avoid
planes, unfavourable weather conditions and will keep to its boundaries without
intruding any restricted fly zones.

the other safety protocols that Terrafugia looks to put in place, what really
intrigues us it that in case the TF-X is unable to make a proper auto-landing,
the driver can initiate the full-vehicle parachute system – yes a full
parachute, which is pretty cool if you take the seriousness aside.

How Soon Can We Get Our Hands On It?

you will not be able to get your hands on the TF-X anytime soon. By that we
mean a possible eight to twelve year wait. It is still in the early stage of
development and requires a good deal of research and development before it can
be built.


you are living in America say eight to twelve years from now, this dream of
owning a flying car may be made available for you. However, we also have our
reservations about owning a flying vehicle just like TF-X. Reservations include, who will be controlling the hundreds or thousands of flying TF-X in the skies
and how about national security issues, since you are able to flee the country
in a jiffy? Having said that, with inventions like the TF-X shows that the world of Sci-Fi is really converging into
reality, anything that you can dream of can come true.



Geralyne Kaye Ong / September 18, 2015 15:55PM GMT+8


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