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You Won’t Believe What We Saw In This Shophouse

It is Singapore’s golden jubilee
and even Google’s joining in the fun the only way it knows how, with some help
from technology of course

celebration of Singapore 50
th birthday celebrations, Google has
announced the opening of its interactive pop-up display called the Google

ready to experience Singapore’s progress from our early years to the hustling
metropolitan city we are known for with the help of some augmented reality. The
materials gathered for Google’s Shophouse project was a result of working
closely with The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), National
Heritage Board (NHB), Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Urban Redevelopment
Authority (URA).

the Google Shophouse, you will find a total of 5 interactive booths. They are
Doodle 4 Google Gallery, Singapore Time Walk, Cultural Institute Initiatives,
Google Maps and Coding Camps. The Doodle 4 Google is a competition that
encourages Singaporean youth to imagine Singapore in the next 50 years. The gallery
showcases all 25 finalists’ artwork. The winning doodle will be featured on
Google’s Singapore homepage for 24 hours on this year’s National Day, 9

Time Walk is a mobile application that allows the user to find out more about
the landmarks in Singapore. Information about the landmark and its history
comes alive with time lapse animation of the particular landmark.

third booth Cultural Institute Initiatives is in collaboration with the NHB,
SAM and URA showcases an exhibit of Great Peranakans that have impacted the
growth and development of Singapore. Visitors will get to learn more about
Singapore’s rich and diverse heritage at this booth.

keeping up with the celebrations, Google Map will make their mark with over 40
new Street View locations on Google Maps. You could virtually take a walk at
Singapore Botanic Gardens, Fullerton Hotel or even Merlion Plaza – Without
leaving the comfort of your home.

but not least the coding camps for students. Get your kids involved in coding
at a young age with camps conducted by local educational organizations 21C
Girls and Saturday Kids. Get their invention and innovation lightbulbs sparked
while exposing them to the tools that will power and shape their future.


you are thinking of heading down to experience it for yourself, you can find
the Google Shophouse at 63 Spottiswoode Park Road. Doors will open from 10am to
5pm, on the 1, 2, 7 and 10 August 2015.



Geralyne Kaye Ong / August 3, 2015 10:30AM GMT+8


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