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Now, a global community of tech lovers and entrepreneurs can go social. A multi-faceted media destination to excite the next digital generation with ingenious innovations, exhilarating discoveries and technology’s rising stars, Tech Storm gets you to spaces beyond imagination with our intriguing TV programmes, original productions and editorial digest.

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Tech Storm is a brand new destination for you to get plugged in to addictive tech trends, reviews on gadgets, apps, video games and to check out the latest, coolest start-up ideas from entrepreneurs. "Read more here".

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If you are a passionate app, gadget, technology user, get off the side-lines and get involved. Talk to the entrepreneurs directly to tell them about your pains, and challenge them to solve these for you via clever innovation ideas. Well we know technology ain’t gonna be the magical panacea but yes it does make life better and it should. Use the "Ask an Entrepreneur"

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If you are an entrepreneur dreaming up the next big idea join the Tech Storm network to post your start-up video and connect with consumers. Get ready to be the next start-up rockstar. "Check out our videos"