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Alienware Smashes Space-Time Boundaries With Concept Nyx

One of the most common and frustrating problems is having multiple gamers under one roof competing for access to their favourite titles and totally crushing Wi-Fi bandwidth. Then there’s the medium: if you’re playing on a PC and want to seamlessly switch to the TV, the very idea seems unheard of.

Concept Nyx – Floor Plan / Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Alienware thinks far ahead to the future, near and far. The brand is incredibly stoked about potentially solving one of the biggest challenges in PC gaming and changing the game completely: how to simultaneously allow players in a household to easily access their full game library and play on any device, even if they want to change screens during gameplay.

Enter Concept Nyx. An R&D project from their Experience Innovation Group (EIG), the Concept Nyx solution comes in the wake of other audacious Alienware initiatives that have broken boundaries and elevated the PC gaming experience: from creating thin gaming laptops to date with the Alienware X-Series to bold gaming ideas like Concept UFO. Now they’re looking at literally breaking the mould of the PC gaming experience.

Concept Nyx – Multiple Players / Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Imagine you’re on your desktop in your bedroom exploring Night City in CyberPunk 2077. Your roommates are on their laptops and tablets in the living room, battling head-to-head in Rocket League. And your cousin is also over, casually building a new world in Minecraft on her cell phone. Now let’s say it’s time to prepare dinner so you head downstairs and pass the controller to one of your roommates – you can quickly switch to your CyberPunk 2077 experience on the 65-inch TV in the living room and let them takeover exactly where you left off, advancing your game while you cook.

That’s the future of gaming, and it’s starting to take shape today.

Concept Nyx spotlights the role edge computing could play – where high performance game processing could be done in the home and shared across the local network. Since the processing happens locally (versus needing to travel to and from distant servers), it could offer lower latency, greater bandwidth and more responsiveness – ultimately solving some of the performance shortfalls of current alternatives like cloud gaming. This means multiplayer latency could reach single-digit milliseconds to dramatically decrease any lag of modern-day cloud gaming systems.

Concept Nyx – UFO Controller / Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Alienware has also been looking at how to power four game streams simultaneously, smart switching among devices, and drawing from a central library of all your games regardless of where you purchase them. Gaming on Concept Nyx aims to be as effortless as accessing your favourite music, TV shows and movies. Imagine a simple app loaded on each device delivering instant access to all your games for a more seamless gaming experience across devices in the home. With Concept Nyx, you no longer have to fight with your family or roommates over game time, tearing down the barricades so that everyone can game on their own terms.

Concept Nyx – Sofa Gaming / Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Alienware was founded on a challenge, namely to create a new market for high-end gaming PCs back when it was new and developing. This concept is a game-changer because of its uniqueness as an idea and its potential for the gaming industry at large – appealing not only to casual gamers, but also the ok-I’ll-have-a-go gamers, next generation gamers and the whole family. As the brand further develops Concept Nyx, they aim to use each step forward to benefit future products and enhance the user experience.

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