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Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games Signs Landmark Partnership Deal with TechStorm to Expand Digital Content on Broadcast across Asia Pacific

Singapore, Mumbai, 20 March 2024 – TechStorm has entered an inaugural partnership with digital content company Altcoin Buzz to expand digital content from Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games onto broadcast via TechStorm’s broadcast, OTT and ancillary distribution network.

This first-of-its kind content partnership will see original digital-only content on the latest trends across blockchain, digital assets and play-to-earn games to a much wider audience seamlessly across broadcast TV, OTT streaming via a dedicated content belt on TechStorm’s 24/7 TV channel. The new content “Altcoin Buzz – Do You Even Crypto? ” will premiere exclusively on TechStorm on 1 April 2024, every Monday at prime time, 11pm (GMT+8) and there will also be episodes from Funjible Games available under TechStorm’s dedicated esports and video gaming content belt.

“We are thrilled to partner Altcoin Buzz to bring both Altcoin Buzz and Funjible Games digital content series onto TechStorm’s rapidly expanding distribution network. Viewers can expect curated content on latest trends in the digital assets world, blockchain trends and newest drops in play-to-earn games weekly on our regional broadcast TV network and streaming partner platforms. This genre is a great fit for our audience profile of 18 to 34 demographic with a passion in esports, cosplay, pop culture that is wide, broad based and family friendly. Plus the tech-savvy, business decision makers and professionals watching our network across Southeast Asia and Taiwan,” comments Debbie Lee, Founder & CEO of TechStorm.

Southeast Asia is home to a vast population exceeding 700 million with 58% aged under 35 years old, the region is the world’s fourth largest economy exceeding US$4 trillion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Value.

Shash Gupta, Founder of Altcoin Buzz says: “TechStorm’s powerful media network and audience outreach is second to none here in Southeast Asia. They have since grown to be the most influential and the fastest growing broadcast and subscriber driven media network on key subject matters that appeals to wide audience profile. This inaugural and landmark partnership will build credibility for the world of blockchain and digital assets and enrich the educational value to the audience on regional broadcast. We are ecstatic to take this first step forward with greater plans and content pipeline up ahead.’’


About Altcoin Buzz

Founded in 2017, Altcoin Buzz is one of the most reputed media organizations in the crypto space. Altcoin Buzz has created a structured, high-impact knowledge base that very few in the industry can boast of.

From a following of 100,000 in January 2018, Altcoin Buzz has rapidly advanced into being one of the prominent crypto-based independent digital media organizations garnering an active, engaged and organically grown community of over 500,000 subscribers across its multiple platforms including our YouTube channel, Twitter, altcoinbuzz.io website and other social media platforms.

Altcoin Buzz based itself on the three pillars of integrity, innovation and simplicity. Being a trusted source of information, Altcoin Buzz needs to remain as honest and transparent as possible, with integrity as its top foundational value. With this responsibility, Altcoin Buzz relies on innovation in the communication process through meticulous research and analysis delivered simply to make it your one-stop crypto knowledge base!

About Funjible Games

Funjible Games stands at the forefront of the crypto gaming landscape as a premier aggregation and discovery platform. Designed for gamers and Web3 gaming enthusiasts alike, we offer a comprehensive guide to the freshest, most exciting trends in the industry. Whether you’re on the lookout for the latest gaming sensations or seeking insightful recommendations, Funjible Games is your go-to destination.

We are your ultimate source for cutting-edge Web3 game reviews, in-depth walkthroughs, and breaking news. Stay ahead of the curve by discovering the newest, hottest, and trending games while gaining valuable insights into what’s not to be missed. It’s time to stop chatting and start playing! Join us as we redefine the gaming narrative and invite you to review your favourite games on the IMDB of Web3 Gaming.

About TechStorm

TechStorm is Asia’s most influential and fastest-growing media distribution platform that celebrates the region’s rising stars in esports, gaming and tech innovations plus Korean Kpop rising stars. We showcase a compelling line-up of the best-in-class, first-run and high-quality exclusive entertainment targeting the masses, esports spectator audience, millennials, GenZs and young families. Its scaled-up, multi-platform distribution has reached over 100 premium partner platforms in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific. TechStorm has reached a multi-territory

footprint community of esports, gaming and tech enthusiasts in Asia and is currently distributed across 71 million mobile streaming subscribers and over 15 million subscriber households; plus premium five star hotel groups and inflight entertainment systems.

For more information: https://www.techstorm.tv/ and follow us on:

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/techstormtv/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/techstormtv/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techstormtv/

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