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Everich Signs Landmark Memorandum of Understanding to Bring Halal Lifestyle Narrative to TechStorm’s 100 million Audience in the New Year

  • Everich Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with TechStorm, the most influential multi-genre entertainment and media platform in Southeast Asia on digital lifestyle
  • Bringing a modern, well-balanced halal lifestyle content that is synergistic with urban millennials across Southeast Asia and pan Asia

Singapore, Wednesday 3 January 2024 – TechStorm the region’s most influential and fastest growing multi-genre media and entertainment platform across Southeast Asia has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Everich Group to bring modern, halal lifestyle narrative to TechStorm’s massive media outreach and audience in the New Year.

TechStorm reaches over 71 million on streaming mobile and digital subscriber devices plus another 15 million on subscriber broadcast homes across Southeast Asia. In addition TechStorm’s 24/7 channel plus original content is readily available in numerous premium, business travel hotels, resorts and airlines’ inflight entertainment systems.

This follows the company’s recent press announcements on new launch platform distribution in the markets of Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia just two weeks ago.

As part of the MOU agreement, Everich Group’s network of companies and partners will have access and opportunity of promoting their products, services onto TechStorm’s media platform and network effect to reach a youthful, urban, millennial and young family segment aged 18 to 34 years old. Driving greater visibility, education to the larger halal lifestyle and ecosystem.

Dr Zuraimi Jumaat, Vice-President, Halal Supply Chain Division of Everich World Pte Ltd said, “Nurturing a world of mindful choices, Everich World’s Halal supply chain stands as the beacon of integrity and quality. In partnership with TechStorm’s 100 million-strong audience this new year 2024 onwards, together we amplify our commitment to transparency, ethics and trust, shaping a global narrative that celebrates the richness of Halal ecosystem and the myriad benefits it brings to the drivers of the next economic growth, our young individuals and communities.”

Debbie Lee, Founder of TechStorm comments: “This landmark partnership will open the doors to halal lifestyle and ecosystem partners a direct access and efficient manner to rapidly grow and amplify their business across multiple markets all with one-stop access. And for export companies to break into new territories to reach new audience and consumers. This is our first agreement and announcement and I’m confident we have more and bigger plans in our future roadmap ahead.’’


About TechStorm

TechStorm is Asia’s most influential and fastest-growing multi-genre media distribution platform that celebrates the region’s rising stars in esports, gaming and tech innovations plus Korean Kpop rising stars. We showcase a compelling line-up of the best-in-class, first-run and high-quality exclusive entertainment targeting the masses, Korean Kpop music fans, esports spectator audience, millennials, GenZs and young families. Its scaled-up, multi-platform distribution has reached over 100 premium partner platforms in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific. TechStorm has reached a multi-territory footprint community of young enthusiasts in Asia and is currently distributed across 71 million mobile streaming subscribers and over 15 million subscriber households; plus premium five star hotel groups and inflight entertainment systems.

For more information: https://www.techstorm.tv/ and follow us on:

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/techstormtv/  

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About Everich World

Everich World Pte. Ltd. is in the business of major importer/exporter and wholesaler for frozen chickens, meats, vegetables, dry condiments, frozen seafood and other items in. Everich World has its Halal Supply Chain Division, specialises in one-stop Halal ingredients solution, Halal consultancy and international certification to facilitate Halal food supply chain within the Halal ecosystem.

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