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New Event Story “A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala” Introduces New Characters And Raid Content

All-new event story, “A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala” is now available for hit mobile anime RPG Blue Archive. The game’s first story update of the year features Cherino’s revolutionary journey to retrieve her leader position after a sudden coup during the Red Winter Federal Academy’s latest festival.

Ivan Kupala Festival / Video Credit: Blue Archive

New characters from the Red Winter Federal Academy, Cherino and Nodoka, are introduced in this update bringing players unique EX Skills and capabilities. Cherino has Piercing Attribute and can attack enemies in a circular area, while Nodoka is able to increase the Accuracy of allies within a circular area.

Players can obtain event coins including Cherenka Chocolate, Mustache Crepes, and Red Mustache Medals from the event quests and exchange them with various items including Eligma, Secret Tech Sheet, Juri’s Eleph, and more in the event shop. Players can also purchase multiple items including Nodoka’s Eleph to recruit Nodoka by spending Cherino Matryoshkas.

Character Cherino / Video Credit: Blue Archive

By assigning specific characters to their Combat Unit, players will be able to obtain additional event coins. For instance, Cherino and Nodoka grant Cherino Matryoshka, while Izumi, Junko, and Fuuka award Cherenka Chocolate, and Haruna, Akari, and Juri give additional Mustache Crepes.

The raid content, Total Assault – Chesed (Field Warfare) will be open until Jan. 17, during which participants can earn Season Rewards based on their final ranking and also receive various character growth materials including Pyroxenes, Eligma, and Artifacts based on their accumulated score. In addition, to celebrate the new story update, all players will receive 1,200 Pyroxenes in the game.

Developed by NAT GAMES, Blue Archive follows a group of adventurous schoolgirls as they navigate romance, school clubs, academic events – and the occasional battle with rival schools. Players will take on the role of the students’ teacher and guide them as they investigate incidents throughout the city.

Blue Archive is available on Android and iOS devices in 237 countries and supports multiple languages including English, Korean, Thai and Chinese (traditional).

Players can find more information about “A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala” on the Official Website 

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