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‘PAC-MAN COMMUNITY’™ Brings The Iconic Franchise to Facebook Gaming

Exciting things are happening at Facebook Gaming! The game streaming platform has introduced two new features today – Play With Streamer and Facebook Interactives – through the launch of PAC-MAN COMMUNITY, a new and groundbreaking PAC-MAN game in partnership with Genvid & Bandai Namco. 

For more than 40 years, PAC-MAN™ has been a cultural icon in the world of games and beyond, including television, music, and film. The Pac-Man franchise is now debuting its latest creation exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

As the first building blocks of Facebook’s vision of the Metaverse, these new features blend new social experiences and user-generated content, creating a unique integration between Meta’s existing Play, Watch & Connect pillars on Facebook Gaming. Play Watch Connect is Meta’s new approach to creating more interactive social experiences and building community around games on Facebook. 

Play With Streamer will offer a button on a livestream that lets viewers jump into PAC-MAN COMMUNITY and play directly with their favorite Facebook Gaming creators and their communities. 

Facebook Interactives, an interactive layer on top of livestreams, brings gaming video to life, allowing viewers to directly impact the game or content they’re watching. In PAC-MAN COMMUNITY’S audience-influenced “Watch Mode” millions of viewers can interact with a 24/7 livestream broadcast and anyone can participate through the in-game video player to help or hinder AI PAC-MAN or the ghosts.

The refreshed PAC-MAN COMMUNITY game also offers a 4-player Co-Op mode, a slick, mobile-optimised maze creator, community challenges and rankings. 

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/fbgaminghome/blog/pac-man-community

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