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School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) Envoys Bring K-Pop Excellence to Singapore

24th October 2023: In an exciting development, Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC), in collaboration with Serin Corporation Limited, is honoured to host representatives from the renowned School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) in anticipation of the forthcoming SOPA International K-Pop Camp in Singapore. This visit aims to offer a unique opportunity for those captivated by the K-Pop phenomenon to get a closer look at SOPA’s world-renowned music education.

A Convergence of K-Pop Mastery

The highlight of this extraordinary event is the interaction with influential SOPA representatives. Among the visitors are key executives, accomplished students and established trainers and industry professionals from Korea. Their collective expertise offers unique insights of the global K-Pop landscape.

A Peep into the SOPA Legacy

The media will have exclusive access to SOPA representatives for interviews, providing a deep dive into the world of K-Pop education. Additionally, the event will feature an exclusive performance by SOPA’s outstanding students, Dream Hi.

Media Opportunities

  1. Interviews: Members of the media can schedule interviews with SOPA representatives, SOPA Students and trainers. To arrange an interview, kindly contact Siok Ting, Corporate Marketing Manager at SRMC (siokting.chan@srmc.edu.sg).
  2. SOPA International K-Pop Camp Tour: Media representatives are encouraged to explore the K-Pop Camp on 22nd November and 24th November, offering an insider’s view of the camp’s dynamic setup.
  3. Dream Hi Performance: The media is invited to a mesmerizing performance by SOPA’s top students, Dream Hi, on 24 November at 7:45PM.

About Singapore Raffles Music College: SRMC is a distinguished higher education institution, boasting a four-year Edu Trust accreditation. A leading private performance arts college in Southeast Asia, it offers music and dance undergraduate programs leading to a bachelor’s degree in collaboration with the University of West London and London College of Music.

About School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA): SOPA is a special-purpose high school for performing arts. It consists of four departments: Theatre and Film, Practical Music, Practical Dance, and Stage Art. With high-tech facilities, many teachers with the best reputation in their own areas, and collaboration with various industrial complex institutions, SOPA does its best to make students become the leader of New Korean Wave in entertainment industry. It is also well-known for producing top K-Pop stars like BTS’ Jung Kook, IVE’s Won Young, EXO’s Kai, and more!

About Serin Corporation Limited (Serin): Since its establishment, Serin has been engaged in five areas: planning and business support for Korean companies’ overseas expansion; identifying new businesses overseas and matching domestic and foreign partners; sourcing and brokering industrial materials and specialized equipment; winning large projects such as overseas SOCs and supporting corporate localization; and developing and managing SI and mobile solutions. Regionally, we are building a network in Southeast Asia, including China, Japan, and Vietnam, and we are focusing on planning and investment related to K-content, as well as export and localization, with Singapore as our forward base after 2021.

Official Media Partner – TechStorm (Southeast Asia’s Largest, leading Tech & Innovation, Esports & video games, Millennial Finance media organisation)

Inquiries For media inquiries, please contact siokting.chan@srmc.edu.sg / +65 9666 5994 (Ms Chan Siok Ting – Corporate Marketing Manager) or andy.koh@srmc.edu.sg / +65 9617 7741 (Mr Andy Koh – General Manager).

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