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UK-Based Global Advertising Marketplace Media Exchange Group And TechStorm Announce Collaborative Partnership

London/Singapore, 11 October 2022 – TechStorm has entered a new collaboration with Media Exchange Group, a leading innovative media exchange platform headquartered in London to bring its premium advertising inventory to brands and advertisers seeking quality audiences across Asia Pacific, which can be delivered at scale via Media Exchange Group’s proprietary technology.

This media partnership takes Media Exchange Group’s global reach on its platform to 1.5 billion, and increases the avenues of accessing the lucrative GenZ and Millennial demographic.

“Through this partnership, we will offer advertisers centralized access to TechStorm’s premium advertising inventory comprising a range of customized, bespoke and contextual brand solutions that cater to a high quality audience. Our core segment of Millennials and GenZs with an innate passion and interest around esports, tech and entrepreneurship, represents a powerful market to delve into. This target segment associated with TechStorm’s esports, tech and Web3 content verticals in the region is highly sought-after by both endemic and non-endemic brands and their agencies who are looking to amplify their brand visibility with our community. By partnering with Media Exchange Group, we can now make our inventory accessible to brands and agencies globally,” says Debbie Lee, CEO & Founder of TechStorm.

David Fenlon, CEO of Media Exchange Group, said, “TechStorm provides a unique access to the most desirable emerging demographic in the world – namely GenZ and Millennials of Southeast Asia. This target group is aspirational, becoming rapidly affluent, and will be a focus for brands looking to connect with audiences with an expanded disposable income. TechStorm’s content suite combined with Media Exchange Group’s trading platform allows for brands to be exposed to these audiences in a truly relevant way, and we are very excited to pursue the opportunities this collaboration raises for brands and agencies. We look forward to TechStorm joining our global marketplace and for brands to gain further access to tens of millions of people.”

TechStorm is widely distributed across 117 premium partner platforms in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. TechStorm has reached a multi-territory footprint community of 122 million esports, gaming and tech enthusiasts in Asia, and is currently distributed across 71 million mobile OTT subscribers and over 15 million subscriber households.


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