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ZOWIE Launches New XL2746K 27-inch Gaming Monitor With Esports Athletes’ Demands In Mind

BenQ, a global technology brand, has launched its newest ZOWIE XL-K generation gaming monitor, the XL2746K. Designed with esports athletes’ evolving demands in mind, the new and superior 27-inch 240Hz display provides pro players a wider range of options to suit their gaming preferences, while retaining the latest customisable features that are present in the XL-K series of monitors. 

Image credit: Zowie

XL2746K: The Game-Changer

The XL-K series has elevated the gaming experience significantly for the past decade, with each product reflecting the brand’s relentless commitment to creating equipment that focuses on innovation and in-game performance. 

The latest XL2746K model is an essential upgrade from the existing XL-K series of monitors that are equipped with customisable features – a range widely recognised for smart, seamless and flexible design behind great products. Each ZOWIE XL-K monitor is aimed at aiding top-notch performance, through enhanced technology that allows gamers to play with smoother and more comfortable viewing angles.

Elevate your game with a gaming monitor that plays as hard as you do (Image credit: Zowie)

Taking precision to greater heights, the ZOWIE XL2746K monitor comes with a smaller base, topped with a flexible and fluid height with title adjustment, taking into consideration that each player has his/her own unique preference of monitor height and angle adjustment.  With height adjustment & free tilt, players are able to set up quickly and conveniently, resulting in a playing environment that boasts unparalleled ergonomic comfort. The base is designed to take up less space while maintaining the same stability, allowing gamers more space in their setup to accommodate gear or for bigger in-game movements.  

Image credit: Zowie

Armed with ZOWIE’s proprietary DyAc+ technology, a dynamic accuracy function that reduces motion blur seen on LCD panels, FSP players will be able to improve their recoil control through the reduction of vigorous in-game screen shaking. This feature is critical for games such as CS:GO, where 80% of all shots require some level of recoil control; or Valorant, in which characters have their own set of abilities like Jett and are fast moving. DyAC+™ makes vigorous in-game actions such as spraying less of a blur and provides spray control with only differences on the panel specifications, allowing gamers to see the position of crosshair and impact points more clearly which can help with recoil control.

The XL2746K also comes with the new OSD menu, which provides quicker access to a player’s desired settings.

More About The  XL-K Series

ZOWIE’s gaming monitors have been crafted to enhance each esports enthusiast’s comfort and convenience, empowering them with unbridled focus on their in-game performance. Designed to cater to a gamer’s expanded needs and requirements, the XL-K series monitors  are also well-suited for esports streamers, with the addition of the latest XL setting to share software that makes saving video profiles snappy and convenient through a simple user interface. The XL-K series, additionally, allows new gamers to download the settings of professional players to their own monitor to enjoy a greater gaming experience. The brand has partnered with Kingsmen and Paper Rex, two of Singapore’s professional Valorant esports teams, to provide them with equipment that allows gamers to the best of their abilities. 

The XL-K series also includes the XL2411K, which comes as a 24 inch 144Hz monitor, and the XL2546K, a 24.5 inch 240Hz monitor, to suit the needs of all gamers.

Key Features of XL2746k Esports Monitor:

•        27 inch screen

•        Smaller base, more playing space

•        Flexible & fluid height & tilt adjustment

•        XL Setting to Share, for quicker monitor config setting – great for streamers, live audience gaming

•        Quick access setting menu

•        DyAc + Technology – enhanced patented tech only available on BENQ ZOWIE monitor. Zero increase in input lag, since it doesn’t add any extra loading to the image processing to the monitor nor to the computer.

•          Compatible with Xbox Series X and PS5 at 120Hz. 

Learn more about XL2746K: https://benqurl.biz/3InNYeb

For more information about Zowie, visit zowie.benq.com

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