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Ferrari launches Esports competition

“The launch of the Ferrari Hublot Esports Series is a natural progression for Ferrari after our debut in the F1 Esports Series. This series is aimed at a young audience and is the perfect opportunity for aspiring players to get their break in Esports and sim racing,” says Nicola Boari, Chief Brand Diversification Officer at Ferrari, at the launch press conference.

Open to anyone above the age of 18, with the winner of the simulation racing series being given the opportunity to join the Ferrari Driver Academy Hublot Esports team.

Open to both amateur and professional drivers, the series will comprise of two championships.

The amateur series will play host to budding sim racers to qualify for the pro series, while the pro series will feature sim racers selected by the manufacturer.

The top 12 drivers from each championship will then advance to the finals, which are tentatively scheduled to take place in November.

However, Asian drivers might have a wait a while, as entries for the amateur championship open on August 7th, is exclusively for European citizens.

Responding to questions on when this would be open for the rest of the world, Nicola said that they wanted to lay a strong foundation for the series first, with plans to open the series up in the near future.  He did not specify a date as yet.

If you think you have the drive to win with Ferrari, you can now pre-register for the series here  – www.ferrariesportsseries.gg

By Editorial Team / July 30, 2020

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