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Fortnite To Unveil Super Saiyan Event For The Fighting Game In A Few Hours

Fortnite, everybody’s cross-fandom Battle Royale fighting game, is expected to announce a Dragon Ball event later today. 

Last week, Epic Games teased the above, with a tweet containing what looked like the glowing golden silhouette of Shenron – the dragon from the Dragon Ball franchise, and did not elaborate further.

But ahead of the unveil, this trailer leaked.

It showed a variety of Goku and Vegeta skins, as well as skins for Bulma and Beerus.

It also looked like players will get access to the Kamehameha energy attacks. 

It also looks like players will be able to access what is rumoured to be the event island with Dragon Ball-inspired gliders, including Shenron himself, and perhaps even watch episodes of Dragon Ball in-game.

Rumours of a Dragon Ball event has been buzzing around for weeks, after a Fortnite leaker posted the discovery of a logo of Capsule Corp, a company in the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball skins for the upcoming collaboration had also leaked before 16 August.

Speculation is rife how the collab will play out – will only Kamehamehas be allowed on the island? Will we see a triple face-off between Goku, Darth Vader and Bruno Mars

Either way, the tie-up comes at a time where the series is seeing somewhat of a revival – the franchise’s latest film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero launched in Japan in June, and is set for a global release later this month. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ producer, Tomoko Hiroki, also confirmed at EVO 2022 that rollback netcode is coming to the popular fighting game – a feature that will result in a nearly lagless online experience for players. 

*Featured image from Epic Games

By Samantha Chan \ 11:00, 16 August 2022

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