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UniPin Ladies Series MYSG Is Back!

UniPin, the leading digital entertainment enabler in Southeast Asia pioneering the esports platform is elevating the game for women to even greater heights. Aimed at creating a welcoming community that encourages more women to take part in esports tournaments at any level, UniPin offers a competitive arena where physical strength and height have no bearing on the strategy and skill needed to win. 

The Ladies Series MYSG 2022 competition will be UniPin’s second tournament in Malaysia and Singapore, after the first one successfully took place in October (2021) last year.

Debora Imanuella, SVP UniPin Community, explains that the UniPin Ladies Series MYSG will pave the way for many women esports teams to show up and compete in the Malaysia’s esports arena.

“We are glad to present the opportunity for every female gamer in Malaysia to compete and showcase their skills with confidence. The UniPin Ladies Series is not just another esports tournament, but the perfect stage for female gamers in Malaysia to enter the competitive scene and act as a stepping stone for pro female players to reach a higher level in the Southeast Asia region. This competition will certainly boost the growth of the female gaming community and the Malaysian esports ecosystem as a whole,” said Debora.

The UniPin Community (UNITY) is a major part of UniPin’s esports ecosystem including the Ladies Series 2022. The community baseline which keeps the esports scene alive is one of the key drivers and motivations behind UNITY’s continuous focus on organising tournaments. UNITY’s goal is to nurture both professionals and enthusiasts of esports so that they may contribute to the esports arena.

The regular season is scheduled from May 19th to June 4th, followed by the play-off stage from 10th to 19th of June. 

All participating teams will be competing for a total prize pool of RM7,500, more than triple of last year’s RM2,000 tournament prizes. Additionally, the best team from the UniPin Ladies Series MYSG in Malaysia and Singapore will become each country’s representatives in the UniPin Ladies Series Southeast Asia Invitational. 

The tournament will be held online, streamed on the UniPin’s YouTube channel, FB page at https://www.facebook.com/OfficialUniPinMalaysia/ and TikTok platforms. All matches of the UniPin Ladies Series MYSG 2022 can be accessed via www.youtube.com/UniPinGaming. More details and information can be accessed on www.seaca.gg or Instagram @unipin_malaysia, @unipincommunity, and @unipinladiesseries.

The UniPin Ladies Series MYSG 2022 is also supported by TikTok, the official streaming partner as well as the eGG Network, mStar and Tech Storm, as supporting media partners, who share in the values and mission of promoting inclusivity and diversity within the esports industry.

About UniPin

UniPin (Universal Pin) is a leading digital entertainment service provider with more than 10 years of experience with 18.7 million active users in 33 countries around the world. Supported by a comprehensive range of payment channels, UniPin provides electronic pins (UniPin Credits) that can be used across a wide variety of games from various game publishers. For more information, please visit http://corp.unipin.com.

UniPin has hosted several successful female-only tournaments in various Southeast Asian countries. 

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