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Valve Launches Steam Deck, a next-generation handheld gaming device that puts a portable PC in the palm of your hand

A new contender has emerged in the gaming hardware space – Game distributor powerhouse recently announced a new handheld device that allows you to play PC games and lets players take their Steam library with them on the couch or on-the-go! 

What does it look like to us? Essentially, a portable PC. Owing to its large 7-inch touch screen and high-performing processor, as well as two thumbsticks, the Steam Deck has naturally drawn instant comparisons with its rival – the Nintendo Switch. However, it also features technical capabilities comparable to a gaming PC or a console, according to Valve. 

Visually, the trackpads make for the most obvious difference from the Switch – presumably to mimic a PC mouse for players who want precision while gaming. The trackpads, coupled with the console’s gyro capabilities, are expected to aid aiming, shooting and moving games’ cameras around. Valve says the Steam Deck’s will have 55 percent better latency compared to the Steam Controller. There are also eight triggers: the usual shoulder buttons plus four more on the back of the device. 

Valve describes some of the hardware included in their mobile gaming device, saying, “Steam Deck is a powerful all-in-one portable PC. With a custom processor developed in cooperation with AMD, Steam Deck is comparable to a gaming laptop with the ability to run the latest AAA games. Your Steam library will be on Deck to play games wherever and whenever you want. Steam Deck is also an open PC, adding the ability to install any software or connect with any hardware.” 

Indeed, the Steam Deck’s claim to fame is having successfully packed all the gaming goodies – and more – into a handheld PC. Users will be able to install and operate PC software on it, similar to a web browser, other game stores and video-streaming services. It can be connected to a monitor and other gaming peripherals, such as a keyboard and a mouse (a dock contains ports for these). Additionally, it comes with a Cloud saving feature, enabling players to conveniently pick up game save files between their Steam Deck and PC. 

What’s more, Valve affirms that the Steam Deck is ergonomically designed, optimised for comfort during extended play sessions and boasts full-fidelity control so users can game without compromise. The best-in-class thumbsticks with capacitive touch sensors built-in provide a level of precision and comfort not found on other portable gaming devices. 

“We think Steam Deck gives people another way to play the games they love on a high-performance device at a great price,” says Valve founder Gabe Newell. “As a gamer, this is a product I’ve always wanted. And as a game developer, it’s the mobile device I’ve always wanted for our partners.”

Too good to be true? If this snazzy gadget turns out to be a veritable ahead-of-the-curve gaming hardware that takes PC gaming anywhere and everywhere, we say go full steam ahead! Game for a whirl? 

Steam Deck: We Bring You The Low-down 

  • What: A powerful, portable PC from Valve 
  • Cost: US$399 for the 64GB version, US$529 for the 256GB version, and US$649 for the 512GB version
  • When will it be released? December 2021 in the United States, Canada, EU and the United Kingdom. It will release in other regions in 2022

The Steam Deck is available for reservation now in certain regions, which do not yet include South East Asia. You can check out the upgrades here and more information on the Steam Deck’s specs here

By Editorial Team / July 21, 2021

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