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EPOS Delivers High-End Audio Solutions Designed For Enterprise And Gaming

What’s the hype about EPOS? What does great sound mean to you? Like every experience the individual has, each one is personal. Audio is no different – and it’s patently clear if there’s a WOW factor or is simply pleasant. 

With the aim of delivering rich and natural audio in every environment, EPOS innovations filter out unwanted noise, clarify speech and enable exceptional user performance – be it for gaming or enterprise. For gamers, audio holds the power to give gaming another dimension; EPOS audio is engineered to bring forward every important sound cue that helps you win the round or simply feel the game. Expect the best of immersive sound that cuts out the rest of the world and transports you into a different reality.

UNBOXING: The Power Of Audio

Ever felt disadvantaged or disempowered by poor audio quality? You’re not alone. According to a 2020 survey by Doodle, one key finding is that noise throws online meetings off-track and leads to miscommunication. In fact, 52% of employees reflected that background noise and/or dismal audio disrupted their focus, while 23% said it leads to miscommunication with clients. Talking in the background (55%) stands out as the most disruptive type of background noise. 

Building on a heightened focus of allowing all to hear and be heard, the latest products from EPOS’s ADAPT and EXPAND series caters to professionals, particularly mobile workers who are looking for audio and video solutions that ensure an optimised audio experience in today’s distributed work landscape.


Wired, double-sided headset with 3.5 mm jack USB connectivity, Microsoft Teams certified and optimised for UC. Work your way with a stylish, comfortable headset designed for the demands of today’s hybrid workplace with superior stereo sound.

Key features:

  • Microsoft Teams certified and UC optimized
  • Call quality meets stylish design
  • Plug and play device connectivity
  • Enjoy enhanced comfort
  • Easy to store and portable

The ADAPT series is equipped with the best-in-class portable solutions that enable users to work flexibly with wireless functionality and hassle-free device compatibility. Enjoy exceptional audio quality and superior sound while soft earpads provide all day comfort. The series includes Microsoft Certified and UC optimized variants with or without ANC so you can block out noise disturbances instantly and enjoy a seamless call experience wherever you go. With flexible connectivity, it’s simply plug and play – working remotely, at the office or on-the-go.


Portable, wireless, Bluetooth® speakerphone with exceptional audio performance. Supports both personal and small to medium sized conferencing for up to 8 people. Certified for Microsoft Teams. Includes Bluetooth® USB dongle.

Key features:

  • Experience plug-and-play conferencing anywhere
  • Get exceptional audio performance for conference calls, music, and multimedia
  • Natural conversation experience
  • Crafted to perfection
  • For personal or shared use

The EXPAND series is a premium line of collaboration tools for virtual collaboration to ensure a seamless teamwork experience. It includes flexible plug-and-play speakerphones and conference solutions for professionals having collaborative calls/ meetings with co-workers, customers and other stakeholders anywhere.

EPOS Officially Launches In Singapore

EPOS, Demant Group’s premium enterprise and gaming audio brand headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has made its debut in Singapore. EPOS operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and the Singapore launch is in line with the brand’s continued commitment to develop, innovate and offer pioneer premium audio solutions for the region’s new-age professionals.

“We are thrilled to launch EPOS in Singapore and look forward to supporting the region’s hybrid work professionals with superior audio and video solutions. EPOS strives to stay at the forefront of what is technically possible and we continue to pioneer new audio technology solutions. Equipped with a deeply rooted passion for auditory experiences, we strongly believe in providing the perfect balance between excellent audio and maximum comfort so that we can deliver state-of-the-art audio experiences to enable users to reach their goals and perform with greater agility,” said Seah Hong Kiat, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Asia Pacific for EPOS Audio.

Indeed, in an age of virtual meetings and video calling in both remote and hybrid work environments, clear audio is no longer a bonus, but a necessity*. With innovative voice enhancement technologies, EPOS solutions are created with users in mind – to ensure an agile, reliable, and consistent way to connect in any environment. 

*Through a 2021 IPSOS survey commissioned by EPOS, the brand found that bad audio costs companies an average of 30 minutes of lost productivity a week, with 69% spending extra time on work tasks due to poor sound quality.

By Editorial Team / September 20, 2021

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