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Say “I Do” In The Metaverse

Yet another thing you can do in the metaverse – yes, say “I do”, essentially immortalising your commitment on the blockchain.

Unilever’s oral care health brand Closeup has entered the metaverse by inviting couples to break free from real-world constraints and celebrate their union in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world powered by blockchain technology. More specifically, they have introduced the world’s first NFT marriage certificate allowing couples to officiate their union in the metaverse. This combats the status quo in current society where many unions are deemed unacceptable by key institutions.

 Now couples can enter this 3D virtual world powered by blockchain technology and commemorate their relationship

‘Closeup City Hall of Love’, an on-chain asset on Decentraland, offers an immersive virtual experience where diverse couples can mint their own NFT marriage certificates. Decentraland users can customise their own avatars, explore the space and interact with the “Cupid angel”, their very own wedding officiant in the space, who will guide them through the minting process. The experience will include a proposal and end with the minting of their NFT certificate, celebrated by friends and family.

While NFT marriage certificates are not legally binding in any country, Closeup hopes to inspire people, spark conversations about love and create change for a future where all marriages are equal. 

“Our foray into the Metaverse with Closeup City Hall of Love is another initiative to build safe spaces that celebrate equality and inclusion and inspire people to act on their mutual attraction,” explains Gaurav Datta, Global Brand Vice President of Closeup. “It is free from self-doubt and judgement, so they can experience closeness on their terms.”


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