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Steam Is Going Rogue

Join Steam for a full week of Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence!

Between now and May 9th, Steam is celebrating Roguelikes, Roguelites, and everything in between with discounts and video events.

Don’t know where to start? Want to arm yourself with knowledge about what Roguelike vs Roguelite is? Check out this video:

Roguelike vs Roguelite? Valve’s Jay and Kaci (and a stuffed Octopus) try to explain

Fun fact: They’re all rooted in elements of RPG fantasy or action, and persistence means success. Explore the game elements that define Roguelikes, Roguelikes, Souls-likes, and Metroidvanias. We start with the original game Rogue itself and move through a selection of games that expand on the concept.

Video tour of Roguelikes and Roguelites with SirActionSlacks, Uberdanger, and TrentPax

According to Steam, games are increasingly more likely to technically be RogueLITE, and yet Roguelike continues to be used by many as an umbrella term. Because of this, people actually created a strict definition of Roguelike (although it has been hotly debated ever since.)

From developers attending the International Roguelike Development Conference in 2008 comes this strict set of design parameters, called The Berlin Interpretation:

  1. Random map generation
  2. Perma death
  3. Turn-based combat
  4. Grid-based movement
  5. Complexity to allow multiple solutions
  6. Non-modal (all actions can be performed at any time)
  7. Resource management
  8. Hack-n-slash combat

Check out the official Going Rogue fest page. Remember, with these games, if at first you don’t survive, die die again!

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