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Discord Hits Pause on NFT, Crypto Support After Backlash

Social media platform Discord has been forced to hit the pause button on its plans for NFT and cryptocurrency support after well…discord in the community. 

The move came after its founder and CEO Jason Citron had earlier teased a screenshot, showing what looked like an unreleased Discord integration for two cryptocurrency wallets. 

Citron’s tweet was in response to another user, who wrote an article looking at how Discord could be a home for cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs). 

His tweet also came on the back of a Discord survey that was sent, apparently, back in August. In it, participants were asked about their knowledge of NFTs and if there were any crypto-related problems Discord could solve. A Discord spokesperson later told The Verge the survey was a “fact-finding” endeavor.  

Unfortunately for Discord, news of this did not quite go down well with some fans. Citron would eventually tweet that there were no current plans for this concept. 

In a statement to TechCrunch, Discord said it was currently “”focused on protecting users from spams, scams and fraud”. 

Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are some of the social media platforms that have embraced cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Blockchain gaming (in which players can purchase, earn and sell unique items they own) is also on the rise – Japanese gaming giant Square Enix is apparently looking to ramp up its NFTs and blockchain business. Epic Games is open to them while Steam will not allow them on its platform. 

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*Featured image from Discord

By Samantha Chan \ 10:15am, 29 November 2021

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