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Halo Infinite Cuts In-game Prices After Outcry From Gamers

Xbox has cut in-game prices for the Halo Infinite store, as well as dropped improved bundles, after an outcry from fans. 

343 Industries’ Head of Design Jerry Hook had earlier announced the move on Twitter, and said the team would continue to try new things throughout the rest of Halo Infinite multiplayer’s first season. 

343’s move comes after ongoing unhappiness in the Halo Infinite community, over the high prices of in-game transactions – some costing as much as the game itself. Microtransactions also in part, sparked a firestorm in the Halo subreddit back in December, resulting in a fight that forced the community to shut down the subreddit for two days.

(Source: Reddit)

While 343 did not say how much prices will change, gamers said they’re seeing as much as a 50% reduction on some products. 

Since the price change was announced, some on Twitter have also asked if players who previously purchased bundles at full price would be reimbursed – there wasn’t a direct response from Hook, but it seems 343 might be relooking their decision to fund a F2P game via custom monetisation.

Price changes aren’t the only things gamers can look forward to – Halo Infinite is currently in its third event since its launch in November – Cyber Showdown.

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By Samantha Chan \ 10:00am, 21 January 2022

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