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Streamer Offers US$20K To Anyone Who Can Beat Halo 2 On A LASO Deathless Run

One streamer has a challenge for all the Halo 2 fans out there, and a US$20,000 reward if you win.

All you have to do, according to popular YouTuber Charlie ‘MoistCr1TiKaL’ White, is beat Halo 2 on a certain difficulty level.

The fan-made ‘Legendary All Skulls On’ level, to be exact – also known as LASO for short.

The player will have to beat the game on that level with no deaths, in a single run and with nearly all skull modifiers turned on. 

And as MoistCr1TiKaL has explained, no one in the world has achieved this yet.

(Source: 343 Industries)

And with good reason too. 

LASO is seen as the hardest mode in the game – it starts on legendary difficulty mode and the player will have to put all skulls on, with each adding a modifier that makes the game more difficult.

So what you end up with, is a crazily difficult game featuring enemies with higher health, some enemies will even be invisible oh, and your weapon will have less ammo just because. 

Factor in the level ‘Gravemind’, in which the Master Chief has to battle through a ship full of alien hostiles and you can see how beating the game on LASO might be a problem. 

And that’s something some streamers can verify for themselves:

To participate in MoistCr1TiKaL’s challenge, there are some ground rules: your run has to be streamed live, either on Twitch or YouTube, you obviously can’t die and the entire thing must be done on legendary difficulty with 13 of the game’s skulls switched on but the one known as “Envy” has to be turned off.

That skull lets the player replace Master Chief’s flashlight with the ability to become invisible via active camouflage, allowing the player to effectively run through certain areas.

But that also automatically disqualifies literally the only player in the world who has achieved a deathless LASO run in Halo 2, because he had “Envy” turned on during his attempt.

(Source: YouTube)

MoistCr1TiKaL had originally offered US$5,000 for anyone who beats the game with his rules but a lack of interested parties resulted in him increasing the reward to US$20,000 so there’s always a possibility he might increase the amount again.

Think you’ve got what it takes to give this a go?  

You might want to give this walkthrough a look first, as a heads up as to what you’re getting yourself into.

*Featured image from 343 Industries

By Samantha Chan \ 10:00, 28 July 2022

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