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Live Broadcast Augmented Reality Effects at Singapore’s First National Day Parade Show

For the first time in Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) show’s history, broadcast augmented reality was developed and showcased as part of the performance. From rain weather effects, a massive levitating mirror-ball, to a brilliant dance of a hummingbird, the show boldly blurred the lines between reality and virtual. 

A breakthrough in scale, lifelike visual illusions covered more than 5,000 square metres in an outdoor floating stage area – a technological feat historically achievable only in an indoor studio setting or newsroom. To accurately replicate realistic-looking virtual content over a live background, preparation was underway six months before the slated event date. And to ensure visual fidelity and realism, a 3D one-to-one scale of the stage environment was built for shadows and “light-catching” using 360-degree video capture to accurately sample the environment and lighting conditions for reflection. 

The show also utilised the latest in 3D design and game technology in building a highly adaptable graphics production system capable of keeping up with adjustments from sound, performance and lighting throughout the entire show’s development. Pixotope, a leading Mixed Reality platform software, was used for the creation and playback for live broadcast augmented reality. Robotic camera systems by XD motion, were used to enable a consistent choreographed broadcast for each of the customized AR moments. The breakthrough of such broadcast technologies pushes the envelope for immersive home viewing experiences designed for large-scale outdoor events, helping to bring the nation closer to the live spectacle of this annual celebration. 

This inaugural use of 3D real-time graphics display technology outdoors on such a large scale symbolises new possibilities in how broadcast viewers can experience immersive and interactive graphics from the comfort of their homes. Local multimedia company Anomalyst Studio, together with show production company The Show Company, collaborated to develop the system and create the various real-time augmented reality effects seen in the show. 

Video Credit: Anomalyst Studio

By Editorial Team / August 23, 2021

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