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See You, Space Cowboy: Reddit’s Popular Art Project Closes Its Curtains For 2022

It’s hard to capture a microcosm of current pop culture but somehow tens of thousands (or maybe more!) Redditors from all over the world managed to, in the latest iteration of r/place

r/place made its debut back in 2017 with one command: random internet users can collaborate on a blank canvas but each account can only place one pixel every five minutes. 

Users can watch the artwork unfold in real-time.

Half conceived as an April Fools joke, the idea was the brainchild of Josh Wardle, a then-employee of Reddit but he’s more popularly known today as the creator of Wordle. 

R/place returned this year, again on April Fools Day, five years after the experiment took place – one which saw over a million Redditors participate in.

This year, the project lasted four days – enough for thousands of redditors to jostle for a seat of power on a blank 1000 x 1000 grid.

And like what happened in Survivor, alliances quickly formed. 

Countrymen teamed up with Korean boyband fans, other Redditors fought to leave a mark of their fandom, while others showed their solidarity with Ukraine as the country continues to battle a Russian invasion.

It hasn’t all been pleasant but it’s also no wonder r/place was once called “the internet in all its glory”.

As expected, the final iteration of r/place was a breathtaking masterpiece. 

Artworks like Rembrandt’s The Night Watch existed alongside pixel art of the top-selling video game Elden Ring, together with the Souls fans’ favourite catchphrase “git gud”.

(Source: Reddit)

Video game fans will recognise characters like Kirby, Sonic and Tails and countless references to “Among Us”.

Crypto enthusiasts will recognise the distinctive icon from r/WallStreetBets, or the ubiquitous dog from Dogecoin.

Various nationalities were also quick to show-off their national pride, from Asterix in France to redditors here in Asia.

(Source: Reddit)

But like all good things – r/place had to end. 

The project shut down on 5 April as promised and the hard work of the last five days was wiped down to the last pixel. 

All that is currently left is a white canvas, just waiting for the next time r/place is revived and the internet is mustered into action once more. 

For now though, you can check out the 2022 masterpiece in all its high-res glory here

*Featured image from Reddit

By Samantha Chan \ 11:00, 8 April 2022

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