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Let Me Solo Her: How One Player Has Become An Elden Ring Community Legend

There are many ways in which legends are created and at least one player out there has cemented his reputation in Elden Ring. 

Elden Ring, for those who are (still, somehow) unaware, is FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece. 

It’s a massive, open-world dark fantasy game and in true FromSoft fashion – is notoriously difficult.

(Source: Elden Ring)

And of all its bosses, Malenia is considered to be the most difficult. 

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, comes equipped with the Scarlet Rot (which causes damage to the player over time), a WaterFowl Dance move that slices the player to pieces and the ability to gain heal points every time she lands a hit on the player or any of their summons. 

Luckily though, she’s an optional boss in Elden Ring.

But that hasn’t stopped players from attempting to fight her, drawn in part by the challenge and part by the sheer beauty of her fight

Suffice to say, beating Malenia takes multiple tries.

But Elden Ring has a unique feature which allows you to summon other players from around the world to help you fight bosses.

One of them is a user known simply as Let Me Solo Her.

(Source: Reddit)

The first mention of him popped up on Reddit about a week ago, when a Redditor said he summoned help to fight Malenia, only to encounter a character wearing nothing but a jar on his head and carrying two swords.

Who quickly made short work of one of the hardest bosses in a FromSoftware game.

And so, a legend was born.

Twitter is now awash with fanart and memes of Let Me Solo Her; there’s also a dedicated hashtag

IGN even interviewed him recently, and that was where he admitted that his first attempt to kill Malenia took 242 tries.

And it was because of that difficulty that he felt motivated to help others.

(Source: Reddit)

For those wondering about his build – Let Me Solo Her spent some 200 hours on his level 179 character and dual-wields the katanas – Rivers of Blood on his left and a Cold Uchigatana with Hoarfrost Stomp on his right. 

Why is his character almost naked though?

As Let Me Solo Her told IGN: “It’s a running tradition of Soulsborne games that the naked players are the most powerful beings in the game. Why wear armour if you don’t plan on getting hit at all?” 

Well, Let Me Solo Her might find himself called upon more frequently after Elden Ring patch 1.04, which now sees Malenia healing even when she misses hitting you.

Good thing she’s an optional boss.

*Featured image from Elden Ring

By Samantha Chan \ 14:00, 22 April 2022

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