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Xbox Turns 20 And Launches Virtual Museum with Personalised History

The Xbox was launched on 15 November, 2001. 

And to celebrate the console’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft has unveiled a virtual museum, covering the history of the consoles as well as your own history with them.

And it’s pretty nifty!

(Source: Xbox Museum)

For one, it’s incredibly interactive; when you click on one of the icons, say, the history of the Xbox, you are transported into a virtual museum. There are giant placards detailing the history of the console, and you navigate a little character via keyboard arrows. There’s something a little incredible about watching your little dude run around a virtual room, looking at virtual placards describing the history of the Xbox. I mean, this takes interactive to a whole new level

(Source: Xbox Museum)

The best part? You’re not the only one in this virtual museum. There are other figures running around (just like you) and stopping to read the placards (just like you). 

The placards showcase information about the console, from when it was launched to the history of Halo on the Xbox.

There’s even a section on how Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo to lock in exclusive games on its console and another on the infamous Red Ring of Death.

(Source: Xbox Museum)

But what makes the experience really unique is how visitors can log into their Xbox account and view what is deemed as your own personal wing of the virtual museum.

Full disclosure, I had an original Xbox but no Xbox account. But those who signed in said what’s displayed in your personal wing includes your gamer profile, your history with the console and your most-played games. 

Xbox has come a long way from 2001, from the challenges it faced at launch, to the memes about it having no games – the console is now the most popular gaming hardware (sans PC) in the US. 

For now though, the PlayStation still reigns supreme in Asia.

*Featured image from Xbox Museum

By Samantha Chan \ 14:00pm, 30 November 2021

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